Journey from XL to M… just another fat loss story


Calorie Deficit



Healthy Lifestyle

Fat loss v/s Weight loss


  1. You need a good night sleep 7+hours if you are serious for weight loss, body burns good amount of calories when you sleep, if you keep doing heavy training but sleep less, your body won’t recover properly and you’ll not loose weight.
  2. Figure out a time that works best for you to exercise, I prefer mornings before starting my day as it suits me and I am less likely to get distracted. Have a fixed time and plan on what you want to do, it helps beating your laziness and procrastination.
  3. Focus on eating right and in moderation, even healthy foods needs to be taken in moderation, eat consciously don’t keep eating you are full.(This is key for calorie deficit.)
  4. No matter how little you start with, just start with small improvements like walking extra 30 mins/removing one junk or bad food from meal and then keep on improving consistently until you find a diet that suits you.
  5. If you want to cut down some food habits you can focus on avoiding it altogether for just a month, once you are able to do it for a month your cravings will itself go down. I generally drink green tea or coffee(without sugar) to control my taste buds.
  6. Green tea helps only if you are using it as a replacement for normal tea. Eating junk and then drinking green tea will not lead to fat loss. Green tea has various benefits, drink it for those various ones, don’t assume it as weight loss drink.
  7. Focus on Calorie deficit, there is no other way around it, you need to build that calorie deficit to achieve weight loss.
  8. It will take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you didn’t get fat in a day so you will also not come in a shape in just few weeks. Focus on small consistent achievements which will lead to your final goals.
  9. It’s totally ok to see little bit of weight gain due to a trip/festive occasion/or another reason(as of writing I am 1.7 Kg heavier due to a trip, I gained 3 kg and halfway recovered it). Just ensure you get back to your routine as soon as you can and even if you are not able to follow the exact routine for some day, try to do a scale down version, something is better than nothing.
  10. It will be tough, you need to keep on pushing yourself, if it was easy every one would be fit. Staying unhealthy is hard, working out is hard, you need to choose your hard.


After(or better current)




Observer trying to explain his observations.

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Ankur Gupta

Ankur Gupta

Observer trying to explain his observations.

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